Vehicle Servicing

You want your vehicle to run well on a daily basis, right? Ensuring you have regular vehicle servicing appointments is absolutely key to having it work well. At Zi Bodyshop, we routinely handle the general service your vehicle needs to keep it in top running condition.

How Often Should You Have Your Vehicle Serviced?

Wondering when to schedule an appointment with us to bring it into the shop? This schedule may prove helpful.

  • Routinely check your tyre inflation pressure, your windscreen washer fluid, your engine’s oil level and your vehicle’s headlights. You should also be aware of whether any dashboard indicator lights come on.
  • Every three months, you should make an appointment to have the oil changed. While your vehicle is in for that oil change, you should have the transmission fluid checked, the battery and cables evaluated, the belts checked, the air filter evaluated, and the exhaust system checked. You’ll also want a technician to take a look at the power steering fluid and your tyre condition.
  • Once each year, you can add a few things to that check-up. Have the antifreeze checked, as well as the chassis lubricated. You’ll also want to have a wheel alignment performed, and have your technician take a look at the steering and suspension.

The Benefits of Regular Vehicle Servicing

It’s tempting to skip a service appointment, but the simple reality is that you’re only going to cost yourself more in the long run if you do that. Vehicle servicing can do so many things for your car. It can help to keep big repair costs down because you’re less likely to get stranded on the side of the road if you have it properly maintained. It can also help give you a much higher fuel efficiency rating, as the better the vehicle runs, the more likely it is to hit its peak efficiency. Additionally, it’s far safer to drive a vehicle that has been serviced regularly than one that is in poor working condition.

Schedule Your Service Checkup Today

At Zi Bodyshop, we’re here to meet all of your vehicle servicing needs. To learn more about what your car might require or how we can help, contact us today to schedule a checkup. We’ll even offer you a complimentary courtesy car so you don’t have to be without transportation while you wait. Make that appointment, and ensure your car is in the best shape of its life with Zi Bodyshop!