Car Body Repairs North Wales

In North Wales? Consider Zi Bodyshop For All of Your Car Service Needs

Living in North Wales is wonderful, but unfortunately finding a good and reliable shop when your car needs repair can be aggravating.   Don’t get aggravated; instead go to Zi Bodyshop, where commitment to providing quality repairs and getting you back on the road quickly without compromising quality is our goal.  Here are just a few of the services you can .

  • Full Vehicle Re-sprays: We are highly experienced in paint and re-spray work and never skimp on the quality of our work or on the quality of our materials.  Doing it right and professionally the first time is what we are all about.  Our full vehicle re-sprays can include the same colour or can be a complete change in colour that will transform your car into something new.
  • Car Scratch Repair: Unsightly car scratches take away from the value and beauty of your car.  Something as simple as a paint scratch reduces the value of your car and can lead to rust and corrosion.  Our technicians can often repair scratches without the need for a full new coat of paint, which saves you time and money.  We will never skimp on the quality of our work, and when your car leaves our shop, it will simply look amazing.
  • Car Dent Repair: We are able to provide the latest dent repair options for your car that will make it look simply amazing.  Our highly trained technicians will bring your car back to its original condition and get you back on the road in no time.
  • Bumper Repair: Whether you’ve had a small accident or something scratched your bumper, we can help. Most bumpers can be repaired and will be both structurally safe and aesthetically pleasing thanks to a variety of modern restoration techniques that will restore your bumper back to a showroom finish.
  • Stone Chip Repair: A pebble popping up from the roadway can ruin the finish on your car.  Our technicians know how to fill in the gap and restore your car’s finish quickly.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Often times we know that something is wrong with our car, but we aren’t sure what exactly the problem is.  At Zi Bodyshop, our technicians are able to diagnose exactly what the problem is by our advanced scanning equipment that will find the problem that will allow our mechanics to repair your car’s damage in no time.
  • Vehicle Servicing: Our mechanics are able to perform any service that your car might need.   They can do a simple tune up, an oil change, a wheel alignment or they can take care of more complex maintenance issues.  No matter what your car needs, our mechanics will make certain that your car receives the best service possible.
  • Accident Repairs: Getting things back to normal as quickly as possible is always the goal after an accident, and we can help you do it faster than any other shop near North Wales. Learn just how affordable and fast our accident repair services can be.
  • Wheel Alignment: Did you know that a wheel alignment is an absolute must to help maintain your vehicle? Poorly aligned wheels can be a real issue for your tyres, and it could be a safety concern as well.
  • Alloy Wheel Repair: Scraped or gouged wheels actually diminish the value of your vehicle. How can you make them look great again without new wheels? Our alloy wheel repair can help. Learn more about what we can do now.

Call Zi Bodyshop in North Wales and make an appointment to come in and let us help you with your car problems or maintenance.