Stone Chip Repair

Few problems are more common that stone chips. These tiny imperfections may not only make your vehicle look bad, but they can also create real problems for you. Wondering how? Once the elements like the wind, the rain, and the sun can penetrate your vehicle’s protective outer coating thanks to something like a stone chip, you automatically become vulnerable to problems like rust and corrosion. At Zi Bodyshop, though, we can help give your vehicle the quick fix this and other essential needs to get back on the road without the serious damage.

Our Process

Our experienced technicians begin by carefully preparing the surface of your vehicle. We’ll give it a good clean and polish. Wondering why? The last thing we want are contaminants that might damage that final repair of your vehicle.

After that, we’ll use advanced equipment to help fill in or that tiny scratch left behind with the paint that best matches the colour of your vehicle. Utilising a specialised low-pressure injection, we’ll fill the entire chip starting at the bottom. This process helps to ensure no air gaps get into the chip, creating problems for your vehicle’s finish at a later time.

Finally, we create a smoother surface on your vehicle with our specialty final touch. It’s a tool that few others are using that helps to polish and enhance the gloss of your vehicle.

How Did I Get a Stone Chip Repair?

Many people wonder how the damage to their vehicle even occurred, and it’s fairly simple. Stones on the road are lifted into the air when you drive across them. As you drive, the tyres of your care get warm and soft, and that pushes the stones on the roadway a few feed into the air. It doesn’t push them hard, but it does propel them a bit. When the car in front of you propels a stone upward, you’re likely to drive into it. The faster you’re driving, the harder the stone might actually hit your car. By keeping your speed down, though, there’s  a good chance you can avoid most stone chips. We can also recommend a few paint sealants and specialised plastic coatings if you tend to have this problem on a regular basis.

The Zi Bodyshop Difference

At Zi Bodyshop, we’re here to help you deal with problems like stone chips repair and car dent repair on a daily basis. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.